Large Hot Tub

The large hot tub… Nothing really compares to lounging in a hot tub meant for a half-dozen or more people. Better still, large hot tubs are the ideal party palace! If the goal is to entertain a group of people — clients, friends, neighbors — then there’s really no other choice.

Granted, the large hot tub takes up a lot of room. You’ll need a bigger space, especially since you’ll want a good, solid hot tub cover to protect this investment in you, and as many spa accessories as possible to get the best and greatest use out of these conversation-starters.

Winter hot-tubbing is an experience not to be missed, but you’ll want a spa that is engineered for the Colorado High Country to get the longest, best use out of it. Not to mention some brands are a lot more efficient in cold weather. Knowing you’ve made the best brand choices for your climate is a source of pride, and a mark of intelligence (because why get a spa that isn’t built for your climate?)

When you’re ready to talk about the right large spa to meet your needs, contact us to discuss options or arrange a showroom viewing. And after you’ve got your spa set up, of course, you can rely on Heavenly Times Hot Tubs & Billiards to properly maintain and service your hot tub needs, including repairs and preventative maintenance.

So lean back, relax, and enjoy the knowledge that not only will your friends and neighbors be impressed, you’ve also made the smart choices when selecting the brand and model.